Sandblasted Signs

High-Density Urethane (HDU) is a strong naturally waterproof material made for creating beautiful 3D signs at a substantially lower cost than alternative materials.

Uses for HDU

Customers order HDU for indoor and outdoor signs primarily for their cost effectiveness. Some common uses for HDU 3D printed signs are:

  • Street signs
  • Corporate signage
  • Monument signage
  • Wall mounted signs (indoor and outdoor)
  • Camping and Recreational signage

When choosing a material for your sandblasted sign there are basically two options. You can choose a natural wood such as Cedar or Redwood, or you can choose HDU. Over the last decade or so HDU has all but replaced natural wood products. HDU, high-density urethane, has emerged as the preferred material to use for sandblasted signs.

HDU is waterproof, will not rot, warp, or crack, it is unaffected by insects and birds, and is specifically designed to hold up to the elements. Best of all it is 100% renewable and friendly to the environment. HDU can also be sandblasted with extremely reliable results and can be texturally sculpted with two different finishes: a pebble finish or a wood grain finish. HDU is ideal for nearly all applications.

We offer composite backers for applications that are in high traffic areas as well as custom hardware and brackets that make installation a breeze.