What Products do you offer? We offer HDU (high density urethane), Woods including cedar, redwood, walnut, oak, EPS and XPS foam, PVC, and HDPE.


What substrates can be sandblasted? Routed? We typically sandblast HDU, cedar, and redwood and can CNC router HDU, walnut, oak, PVC and HDPE.


How deep will you sandblast my sign? What about routed depth? Our typical blasting depth is between 1/8” and 3/8”, the hard grain on cedar generally does not blast down very deep and, since it is a natural product, there is no way to guarantee a blast depth. We generally route signs with depths that vary from 1/8” – 1” depending on the design and application. Routing allows for precision and consistency for a smooth background, whereas blasting will have varying depths depending on the material.


What is HDU & what are the benefits of using that instead of wood? HDU is high density urethane. It is a synthetic renewable foam that was originally designed by NASA for use on the space shuttles. Over the years it has found its way into several industries, signs being one of them. HDU is a completely closed celled material making it impervious to the outside elements. It is not affected by water and will not warp, rot or crack. It is designed to handle extreme temperatures both hot and cold. HDU is molded in large blocks and then cut down into sheets, making it very consistent and reliable for both blasting and CNC routing.


When should I not use HDU? What are its limitations? While HDU is a tremendous product and has some great properties it does have its limitations as well. HDU does not have any structurability to speak of so any signs that need to span a distance or handle wind load need to have reinforcing. We have standard brackets and hardware that apply to different sizes to take care of these issues. Obviously, if you were to mount the sign to a brick wall there would be no problem, but if you want to mount a 4’ x 10’ sign between 2 posts then we need to look at what structural options we have available to create a long lasting sign for you. HDU can also be prone to vandalism, in which case aluminum composite backers can help or using a different material like PVC or HDPE in high traffic or vandal prone areas would be advisable.


How do I mount my sign? We offer all sorts of installation hardware and brackets along with posts to make your installation easy and long lasting. Wall mounted sign can be drilled through to anchors provided that you use an adequate sized washer on the face. For signs mounted between posts, we offer pre-installed sign mounting brackets that are epoxied in place during production or you can bolt through to an angle bracket. We offer aluminum composite backers for added strength and support on larger signs. We have a full line of powder coated posts from 2” up to 6”. We can provide you with custom brackets and embedded hardware as well. From basic installations to the ultra-complex, we have the solution for you.


Do you warranty your products? Yes, our standard warranty is 1 year against and workmanship or product defects. We know if anything is going to present itself as a problem it will usually happen within the first year of being installed. We do not warranty signs that have been improperly installed or damaged from acts of God or vandalism.


What thickness do you offer? Our typical thicknesses are 1”, 1.5” & 2”. We have ¾” material for CNC routing letters and can laminate sheets together to create any thickness desired, we can special order just about any size that you may need up to 12″ thick.


What paints do you use? We use PPG exterior acrylics as well as Modern Masters metallic paints to finish our signs.


What paints can you match? We prefer a PPG paint (or any major paint brand) color chip; however, we can match just about anything under the sun. We can match Pantones, but please keep in mind that Pantones were created for the printing industry and not every Pantone color can be matched exactly with a paint color, no matter how hard you try. You can always mail us the paint swatch if it has to be a very specific color match.


Do you offer financing? While we don’t offer financing directly, financing is available through our Paypal checkout.


Do you offer quantity discounts? Yes, we offer discounts for multiples of the same sign as well as orders over 100 square feet


What is your turnaround time? Our general turnaround time for most HDU projects is 3 weeks. Depending on the complexity and quantity in your order, production may run 4-6 weeks. Cedar projects are 4-6 weeks depending on when the order is placed.


Can I get it faster? We offer rush services that can get the production time down to 1 or 2 weeks depending on the details of the order and our current workload. Generally, we cannot offer rush services on wood signs.


How do you ship? Smaller signs under 3’ x 4’ will ship via UPS ground and signs over 4’ x 4’ will ship via carrier freight.


Freight information: We do our best to make freight shipments as easy as possible for you, but please be aware of the following items: All of our freight quotes are based on business to business with dock access. The carriers will charge extra for a business delivery with no dock and require a lift gate, as well as deliveries that they consider “limited access” meaning that they are not a commercial delivery or residential.