HDU Sign Installation tips

When installing HDU there are several factors that you need to look at. Most notably is that any hardware that is installed into the material must be glued in place with an epoxy that is designed for HDU. You will not be able to use an ordinary construction grade glue or silicone with HDU. We prefer LORDS Adhesive, but if that is not available you can also use Gorilla glue (although it can be pretty messy). For example; when adding eye bolts to hang a HDU sign you will pre-drill the hole 2 bit sizes over the size of the eye bolt being used. Once is it pre-drilled you can fill the hole with epoxy and set the eye bolt, make sure to allow the epoxy to cure the recommended time based on what you are using.

If you are planning on thru-bolting or screwing into a wall or posts make sure to use washers that are at least 3/4″ in diameter to secure the HDU sign. If you do not use any washers the screw will end up pulling through the material and eventually cause failure.

We manufacture custom hanger bar brackets for blind mounting options. These will be pre-installed prior to shipping making final installation a breeze.

Although HDU will not warp like wood will, it can be prone to “flexing” due to other factors such as wind load and poor installation planning. Signs that are over 6′ and will be installed with posts at either end should also include a top and/or bottom metal support to prevent the sign from flexing over time. We offer several standard bracket options seen below as well as custom brackets and mounting hardware.

Bracket options

Please contact us if you have any unusual installations to discuss what the best option will be. We also have a standard bracket and installation PDF that we will be happy to send at your request. Thank you.